My Secondhand Favourites

First off, HELLO! I finally got round to doing my first blog post, it’s been a bit all over the place but here it is. So this post is a collection of clothing I’ve picked up from a charity shop or two, a pop-up vintage shop and my favourite place to get used clothes.. eBay!

So let’s dive straight in with my secondhand favourite looks!

Me1 1

I like to think this first look channels those retro vibes, with my 1996 Osaka Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt that I got off eBay for around £10 which I thought was a steal. The seller also said in the description that this t-shirt was rare.. I’m either a sucker to believe it or I am now the proud owner of this limited edition retro tee. I paired it with my light blue Primark jeans that I bought for £11, the colour flow of the t-shirt motif and jeans breaks up the overall blackness to brighten up this look. Finally, on my feet, I have my Nike Internationalists that I’ve had for a year now and have gathered a bit of dirt along the way by the looks of it.. but the throwback design much like the return of Reebok Classics continues the whole retro vibe but still current in terms of style. I’ll get to the glasses later…

ME 2 1

My second outfit introduces my blue dungarees from BoohooMAN, the link for them is >>here<< I paid £16 for these when they were recently on sale, but there are more and more places doing mens dungarees nowadays so I’m sure you could find some online.. I know I want to get a few pairs in different colours to rock this summer or even in the winter! I chose to wear my patchwork shirt that I picked up for £10 in a pop-up vintage/retro shop in my hometown, Torquay. The best thing about this shirt are the pastel pink, yellow and blue patches I think add a subtle asthetic and old school vibe. On my feet are a pair of classic white high top Converse that I think I got for around £40 so they don’t break the bank and I would say are a MUST HAVE for those summer days.

Me 3 3

Thirdly, we have the cool, clean, casual outfit, I call it that because it’s what I wear on the hot summer days when I want to feel like I’m wearing nothing and look presetable. So I have my oversized striped shirt that I picked up for just under £2 in a British Heart Foundation charity shop which I was super happy to find, the blue stripes give it that classic, minimal look that’s perfect for when I’m out in the summer sun. The jersey shorts are from H&M and I’ve had them for quite a while, I remember getting them for around £9, they’re just so comfy and that’s how I want to feel when I’m crisping in the heat. The Converse are making a comeback but these are my new low top Chuck Taylor 2s, gone are the days of uncomfy Converse soles (let’s face it they can be) you’ll love these shoes! They have a thicker sole making them SOOOO much more comfortable to walk in.

Me 4 4

For the finale of my favourites,  we have this aqua coloured tshirt that I got from an RSPCA charity shop in a neighbouring town, Paignton. The thing I’ve noticed is that my Hard Rock tshirt and this one share this thick neck collar.. it was coincidental, but I now realise that I really like this style of tshirt and I just want more and more now! I thought it might have been a 90s thing as this tshirt was orginally from a 90s M&S, but maybe I’m reading too much into this. Anyway, the snazzy grey woollen trousers I got from H&M, I picked them up in the sale for £7. I usually steer away from baggy jeans/trousers but for some reason I really like how lightweight these are when I’m walking, would be nice to wear on a cool summers evening as these would keep you warm for sure. Back on my feet are my high top Converse, wearing low top trainers just felt weird with the whole outfit so these saved the day for a smart-ish yet relaxed look.

And there we have it, my first blog post, but not before telling you all where the glasses that have featured in all of my outfits have come from. I got these glasses from good ol’ Primark for just £2! I love these glasses soooo much, they’ve literally become a part of me and in a way a reason for starting this blog. As you can imagine I’ve stocked up on them!

Thank you for taking the time to read this if you made it this far 🙂 make sure to check out my social media and I look forward to sharing my next post!

Written by,
The Seaside Style Child





One thought on “My Secondhand Favourites

  1. soooo in love with your style and the fact that you decided to start a blog!!! also jealous of the amazing photos :O ❤ *wonders who's the photographer…*
    looking forward to reading this blog with my green tea in the afternoons 😛
    lots of love Ollie!!

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